Popiežiaus Pranciškaus vizitas

Watch a preview of the Apostolic Trip of Pope Francis in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia (video)

25 years ago Saint Pope John Paul II set out on his Apostolic Journey to three Baltic states that had just reestablished their independence after decades of Soviet occupation. In 2018, from 22nd until 25th of September, his successor the Holy Father Francis will be following in the footsteps of Saint John Paul II and will draw worldwide attention to these states again.

Watch this brief overview to give you knowledge of tremendously interesting history and life of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – the states situated at the shores of the Baltic sea that Pope Francis will be visiting this September. You will discover the riches of Catholic heritage in Lithuania, including its devotion to Casimir – a prince, a saint and a patron of youth and of Lithuania – as well as its capital Vilnius’ characteristic of being, in a very special way, a city of Divine Mercy. In addition, you will learn about strong devotion to Our Lady manifested by Latvian people and their brotherly collaboration as Lutherans, Catholics and Orthodox. Finally, you will hear about Estonia’s religious indifference and the need to reawaken deeper ideals in the hearts of people, which Pope Francis will address during his coming visit.