Popiežiaus Pranciškaus vizitas

For the pilgrims

For the pilgrims

Important information about the Pope’s visit

For those wishing to meet the Pope

Those wanting to meet Pope Francis are invited to come to Vilnius and Kaunas. Meeting places, times and list of arrivals can be found in the program.

Those wanting to attend the Mass in Kaunas and the meeting of youth with the Pope in Vilnius who do not have official invitations are invited to gather in Kaunas at Santaka in the Old Town, on the premises of Vilnius Cathedral Square, and in the Town Hall Square.

Popemobile route

We invite you and your community to join and greet the Pope, who will be traveling in the Popemobile along the streets of Vilnius and Kaunas. No registration is required. The exact route of Popemobile is provided in the program.


For those who have invitations to section seating for the Pope’s Meeting with Youth in Vilnius and the Holy Mass in Kaunas, you will need to have your invitations in hand. Please print them or have them on your mobile device. 

The invitation includes information with a the section name, which consists of a letter and a number. The letter also indicates the gate from which you should enter. We kindly ask you to not be late and to arrive by the time specified in your invitation.

Each invitation has a unique code. The codes will be scanned. The invitation is free of charge and is not sold. It can not be copied. The invitation can be used only once.

Section and security check schemes will be published on the website www.popieziausvizitas.lt in September.


We encourage you to use the public transportation for the meetings with the Pope. 

On September 22th (Saturday) in Vilnius and September 23rd (Sunday) in Kaunas, there will be no fees for taking public transportation. 

For September 21-23, Lithuanian Railway’s train departure and arrival times will be adjusted to the two major meetings in Vilnius and Kaunas. 

If you are traveling by car, please check information about traffic limitations and parking.

All those attending the meetings with the Pope must go through a security check.

These items are permitted:

  • small folding chair
  • blanket
  • food
  • water and other non-alcohol drinks (glassware is not recommended; thermoses are allowed)
  • flag (not on metal rod)
  • raincoat (umbrellas are not recommended)
  • photo camera

These items are forbidden:

  • weapons 
  • explosives, explosive materials, fireworks
  • objects, materials, or tools, which could be used as guns or could harm by striking, chopping, cutting, or stabbing 
  • knives, scissors, ladders, axes and other alike items
  • poisonous, flammable, chemical, or dangerous materials or liquids.
  • radioactive, infectious or biologically toxic materials, equipment, or liquids
  • other tools, equipment, materials with are considered as dangerous by event’s security officers.
  • drones
  • animals and pets


Police will patrol in gathering places. Medical aid will be provided.

Information points – tents will be opened in the Cathedral Square and Santakos (Confluence) Park. Official merchandise and Catholic publications will be sold.

In cases of emergency, we invite you not to lose your temper, stay calm and, if needed, inform nearby officers or volunteers.