Popiežiaus Pranciškaus vizitas

Frequently asked questions


01. When will registration start for the encounters with Pope Francis?

If you want to participate on your own in the Holy Mass and/or the youth encounter with the pope, you can register online starting August 1. If you plan to take part in these encounters with a parish community, we encourage you already now to contact the priests at your parish or church.

For other events, no registration is required.

02. When will media accreditation start?

Online accreditation of journalists and media professionals is scheduled to begin on July 30.

During the pope’s visit, those with media accreditation will be able to work at two media centers located near the venues of the encounters in Vilnius and Kaunas. Full details will be provided to accredited journalists and media professionals.

03. To whom should I address questions about registration?

First of all, please review the information in the Registration section of this website. If you don’t find the answer there, send your question to info@popieziausvizitas.lt.

04. Does everyone have to register for the encounters with the pope?

Registration is only required for two encounters:

– The pope’s encounter with young people in Cathedral Square in Vilnius on September 22 (open to people age 14–35; those in this age group with families who want to participate together with their children should also register the children).

– Holy Mass at Santaka in Kaunas on the morning of September 23 (everyone should be registered, even babies).

Registration for these two events is necessary so that the organizers know how many participants to expect and can suitably prepare the sites and printed materials.

Online registration is scheduled to begin on August 1.

No registration is needed for the other encounters (in Vilnius at the Gate of Dawn, at Daukantas Square and at Lukiškės Square) or to see the pope from the side of the roads where he will pass.

05. Can I bring my organization’s flag or a banner greeting Pope Francis?

Organizations, schools and universities are welcome to bring or to wear identifying items to the encounters with the pope, and especially on Saturday and Sunday beside the roads in Vilnius where the Holy Father will pass in the popemobile (the route will be announced later).

06. I’d like to use the logo of Pope Francis’s visit to Lithuania. Who should I contact?

Non-profit organizations and Catholic communities who for their own (non-commercial) use want to produce items with the logo of Pope Francis’s visit to Lithuania or use the logo in print can do so without any special permission as long as they abide by the rules for using the logo.

Souvenir makers who want to produce and sell souvenirs with the logo of Pope Francis’s visit to Lithuania are requested, before starting work, to send a reasoned request by e-mail to komunikacija@vilnensis.lt. The request should identify the applicant and include a description and sketch of the product(s), how many units are to be produced, where and how they will be distributed, and the price for which they will be sold.

07. I’m a foreigner. Can I participate in the encounters with the pope?

We warmly welcome residents of neighboring countries to come for the encounters with the pope. See the information in the Registration and Program sections of this website, follow the instructions there, and be sure to register in advance where that is required.

Participants themselves are responsible for arranging any documents that may be needed to travel to Lithuania.