Popiežiaus Pranciškaus vizitas



Official Logo of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to Lithuania

The main elements of the logo, dedicated to His Holiness’ apostolic visit to Lithuania are: the Cross, the Gust of the Holy Spirit and the Motto „Christ Jesus – our Hope“. The logo reminds us of the Easter banner with the Triumphal cross, as in the statue of the resurrected Christ traditionally carried in the Easter procession symbolizing His victory over death.

The main element of the Logo is the white cross, symbolizing Christ‘s victory, our faith and the Pope, as the Vicar of Christ. The Cross embraces all the sufferings for freedom and faith of Lithuania‘s people.

The gust of the Holy Spirit behind the Cross assumes the form of a flame and a dove. We believe that the Visit of the Holy Father will be experienced as a renewing powerful gust of the Holy Spirit for all of Lithuania‘s people, because the Spirit teaches and reminds us of everything Jesus has said (John 14,26).

The dominating yellow colour symbolizes the flame of the Holy Spirit as well as the Resurrection. It, along with the white in the cross, are the colours of the Flag of the Vatican City State. The borders of the wings of the Holy Spirit are coloured in yellow, green and red, the colours of the flag of the Republic of Lithuania. It symbolizes the hope that Lithuania will continue to live in the light of Christ’s victory and will be strengthened by His Spirit.

The motto of the visit, inscribed on the logo: „Christ Jesus – our hope“ (1 Timothy 1:1) (In Lithuanian – „Kristus Jėzus – mūsų viltis“), reminds us that Christ Jesus is the centre of the faith, focusing our vision towards the future, and empowering us to overcome challenges, because He has conquered and defeated sin. The motto awakens hope and invites us to enter bravely into a life in Christ.

The logo includes an indication of the country – Lithuania (Lietuva – in Lithuanian) and the date of the Apostolic Visit.

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