Popiežiaus Pranciškaus vizitas

A music video for a song dedicated to the Papal Visit 

“Christ Jesus, My Hope” is the new music video just produced and dedicated to the Papal (Pope Francis’s)  visit.  It features everyday life and people and speaks about the Church in Lithuania today. The music video was directed by Armas Rudaitis who has returned to Lithuanian after a six-month stay in Istanbul.

The audience will see people whose lives are witness to hope. Gintarė Rugpjūtis, a young traveller, Liucija Vaicenavičiūtė, a schoolgirl, Priest Mozė Mitkevičius, a pastoral care worker for Caritas of Vilnius Archdiocese, and Sister Viktorija, head of the Catholic kindergarten, are engaged in the video clip. One can also see the authors of the song there: David Hedin, a Swede residing in Lithuania, who has recently converted to Catholicism, and Julius Vaicenavičius, a member of the music band Kūjeliai, and his family.

Irena Saulutė Valaitytė-Špakauskienė, who is over ninety, also appears in the clip. As a small child, she was deported to Siberia with her mother and brother. Many visitors to the museum in Rumšiškės have heard her stories about life in exile there. It was her life story that inspired Rūta Šepetys to write the novel Between Shades of Gray, a New York Times Best Seller which was nominated for the 2012 CILIP Carnegie Medal. That book has been translated into more than 27 languages and the film Ashes in the Snow is based on it.

After a competition for a theme song to be sung at the meeting of young people with Pope Francis had been launched the end of April, seventeen songs were received. David Hedin’s and Julius Vaicenavičius’ song ‘Christ Jesus My Hope’ was selected. It will prevail during the meeting of Pope Francis with young people in Vilnius. The song is already popular among communities and sung at various events. The lyrics and the mood speak of hope, which is the key message of the meeting and the visit. The authors of the song say they wanted to create a song that would unite all young people of Lithuania.

Pope Francis will be visiting Lithuania on 22–23 September. He will greet young people in Cathedral Square in Vilnius on Saturday. Young people who have got invitations will gather in Cathedral Square at 2 pm, while all those who wish to join this meeting are welcome to the area surrounding Cathedral Square.



‘Christ Jesus My Hope’

I see Your shining Face,
In the morning hours I sing: „Glory!“
As Neris flows toward the sea,
So my soul longs for You.

When I stand on the Hill of Crosses
And think about our past,
I understand that for thousands of years
You’ve been providing us hope!

          Lord Christ Jesus you are my hope,
          to you forever do I belong,
          ’cause you’re sitting on the throne,
          to the mighty Father’s right,
          and I know that there’s there waiting
          a place prepared for me in white

The city is full of life:
In the towers ring bells.
Proclaiming the there is a Hope –
He is truly God and truly Man.

Man, confess what you believe in – you are called to shine.
Step forward for He is the way leading straight.
Come and touch the wounds of Christ. He agreed to die.
Jesus Christ has won the victory, has come near to us, God is with us.


Foto Lina Macevičienė